Project Standard Review Consultancy

If you have prepared your project proposal, you can get support from our expert who will analyze and interpret it to improve your proposal before it is submitted. The review can be done one or more times on the same project. Companies and researchers usually request one to three revisions of the proposal draft.

Our Standard Review Consultancy includes a single review cycle, followed by a question-and-answer session, and submit a detailed report at the end.

Our Standard Review service includes the following for all grant programmes:

Our project standard review service starts with the selection of the grant programme that best suits your project idea. First of all, we evaluate whether the main concept and profile of your project is compatible with the targeted grant. We advise you on the most appropriate grant programme for your project proposal.


Afterwards, we evaluate the applicants’ profile and the project idea. The feedback we provide is qualitative constructive feedback based on our experience. This feedback helps you decide on next steps and points to aspects that you can strengthen in your application.


Zeeutec reviews the application thoroughly to verify that all key elements and requirements of the grant program have been properly addressed during the Standard Review process. It is checked that the proposal is formatted and submitted “according to the current published guidelines”. At the same time, Zeeutec checks whether the draft can persuade the “independent reviewers” who will evaluate the proposal. The feedback we provide serves as a pre-submission validation and can be used to improve the readiness of the offer prior to actual submission. To maximize the effectiveness of this service, it is highly recommended that you submit the final version of your application, so that the single review cycle and subsequent Q&A session will be as comprehensive and detailed as possible.

ERC is highly competitive. In addition, ERC has a list of “unwritten” rules and steps to follow to ensure your proposal is successful. During the evaluation process, Zeeutec will examine your project proposal in particular for the following issues.

Academic Background and CV

ERC funds researcher-focused projects led by creative and independent researchers with an outstanding academic background. We review your profile from an ERC perspective. Furthermore, we help you identify your weak and strong points to ensure that your resume and academic work meet ERC standards. We also share our views, if any, about relevant compliance issues or deficiencies that could result in technical rejection.

Research project

We check the following items about your project proposal on your behalf:

  • Research idea and new directions,
  • The hypothesis of your project,
  • High-risk and high-payoff aspects of your research proposal.

We conduct an initial “reviewing process”, taking into account the different aspects of each MSCA scholarship programme. We also review and notify you of any relevant potential compliance issues or deficiencies that could result in a technical rejection. If we detect any obstructions or significant issues with the submitted CV and the project, we share with you our views on re-arrangements for a competitive proposal. This service is available for the following MSCA programmes:

  • Doctoral Networks (MSCA-DN)
  • Postdoctoral Fellowships (MSCA-PF)

Winning an MSCA scholarship is no easy task, and the preparation process requires understanding all the details of this fellowship. During the evaluation process, Zeeutec will examine your potential project, particularly in terms of the following:

Doctoral Networks and COFUND

Eligibility check for application requirements for all applicants; evaluation of the project’s compliance with the Doctoral Networks and COFUND key evaluation criteria (innovation, training and auditing).

Postdoctoral Fellowships (MSCA-PF)

Eligibility check for the researcher profile in terms of the application criteria; examination of the project proposal in terms of MSCA project evaluation criteria (innovation, mobility, training and career development).

If you are considering applying for an EIC funding scheme, our consultancy includes consideration of different EIC features (radical vision, breakthrough technological goal, interdisciplinary research) in addition to the general features of the proposal.

Our EIC Project Standard Review Consultancy also applies to the EIC Accelerator, EIC Transition and EIC Pathfinder of this funding scheme.

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