About Us

Dr. Zehra Civan

Zeeutec Founder

ZEEUTEC, centered in Istanbul/Turkey, has the principle of dynamic, flexible and always working together with its business partners. Dr. Zehra Civan, founder of ZEEUTEC, is a graduate of METU, Department of Statistics. She also received her PhD in Applied Statistics from Yıldız Technical University. She continues her scientific research, especially with her publications and other studies in the field of financial statistics. She has a very solid background in statistics. With her vast experience in finance and statistics, she follows new technological developments and innovations in the fields of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Finance, including Blockchain, and still continues her individual studies in these fields.

Dr. Zehra Civan has the duty of an independent reviewer for the EISMEA (The European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency) under the European Commission within the framework of Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe grant programmes. She also works as a remote evaluator for the Eureka Association AISBL under the Eureka and Eurostars programmes. For Horizon Europe and Eureka, she writes an independent evaluation report for research and innovative projects submitted by SMEs, large companies, research institutions and universities. She has experience in many sectors as the projects she reports are from many different industries (health, biochemistry, energy, blockchain, digital finance, smart cities, big data). Moreover, she has many years of experience in finance and banking such as particularly preparing feasibility reports on project financing, leading the loan and guarantee agreements with creditors, finding international financing support especially for SMEs and medium-sized companies. She now uses her experience in these matters to enable companies to access national and EU Grant and Incentive financing programmes.

Zeeutec provides Project Proposal Writing Consultancy for national and international grant programmes, especially EU Grant Programmes. Zeeutec is particularly specialized in Horizon Europe (MSCA, ERC, EIC) and Eureka programmes and provides high quality project consultancy services thanks to its past experience. However, our experienced experts also support other grant programmes.

Zeeutec’s mission is to support talented scientists and individual researchers in obtaining prestigious funding for their scientific studies, thereby helping them achieve financial independence along with a successful career.

Zeeutec also produces specific solutions to your company from prescriptive and predictive data analytics to advanced data modeling and forecasting. It provides data science consultancy specific to your company by using constantly developing data science tools such as statistical analysis and data engineering techniques, machine learning, deep learning, for your company to have a healthy digital transformation process.