Horizon Europe and Other Grant Programmes for Companies

Horizon Europe is a unique grant program with many added values. Unfortunately, this grant programme is not well known by companies, so sufficient benefits cannot be obtained. In particular, private and public companies (including SMEs) established in Turkey could not benefit from EU grant financing programmes as much as European-based companies. While European companies use these funds efficiently to expand their business, Turkey is among the countries that benefit the least from EU grant financing programmes. As Zeeutec, we aim to introduce such grant programmes and inform our companies about their processes so that our SMEs and start-ups get more shares from such grant programmes. We support our companies at every stage, from the writing of the project proposal to its submission to the European Commission.

The main grant programmes developed to support R&D projects of SMEs and start-ups are EIC Accelerator, Eureka and Digital Europe Programme.

EIC Accelerator: EIC Accelerator is a grant financing programme developed for SMEs under Horizon Europe. The purpose of this grant programme is to finance the innovative work of SMEs and start-ups and to accelerate the market penetration of R&D products. EIC Accelerator (formerly known as SME Instrument Phase II) aims to accelerate the growth of existing companies and help them achieve significant market share with highly robust and innovative projects, products and/or services.

Within the scope of the EIC Accelerator grant programme, while up to maximum 2,5 million Euros of grant support was provided to SMEs until 2022. However, , this figure has been increased to 15 million Euros, including equity support since 2022. Earning this grant is no easy task, and the preparation process requires a deep understanding of all the details of what the EIC Accelerator is looking for. It is a program that European-based companies apply very often. However, Turkish companies have benefited from the EIC Accelerator grant programme in a very few amount to date. Few of our SMEs know about this grant scheme.

If you are an SME or start-ups and have an R&D project that you are developing, you can receive a grant of up to 2,5 million Euros for your project under the EIC Accelerator. If your project meets the desired conditions, this figure rises to 15 million Euros.

If you want to receive an EIC Accelerator grant for your company’s R&D project, you must first prepare a project proposal in accordance with the rules of the EIC Accelerator. For this, you can get project proposal writing and review consultancy from Zeeutec. In addition to helping you develop your project proposal, we also assist you in finding a business partner among European-based SMEs if you need it for your project.

You can get support from us to get the most suitable EU grant programme advice for your company and Project. We follow the whole process on behalf of you, from the preparation of your project proposal and the project application process to the closing of the calls.

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