Eureka Programme

Established in 1985, the Eureka financing programme is the world’s largest public financing network created for international cooperation in R&D and innovation, including more than 45 countries. The Eureka programme is flexible and open to startups, SMEs, large companies, research institutions and universities. Eureka has developed special programs over the years to support R&D.

Eureka Programmes


The Eurostars programme is co-financed by the European Union through Horizon Europe. Eurostars is the largest international financing program for SMEs looking to collaborate on R&D projects that create innovative products, processes or services. You can choose project partners from SMEs, start-ups, universities and research centers from the 37 participating countries of Eurostars. The companies in non-participating countries can also join in one of Eurostars consortiums.


The Innowwide programme is funded by the European Union as part of the European Innovative SMEs Partnership. If you are an innovative SME, you can apply to Innowwide for a 60,000 Euro grant to assess the viability of your research or business goals in international markets. It is a program that encourages and supports you to carry your R&D projects to markets all over the world. Choose a target region and country and you can start by finding a local partner.

Eureka Clusters

Eureka Clusters are industry-led international communities focused on strategic technology areas aimed at meeting market needs and solving economic, technological and societal challenges. It is a program that helps you collaborate with major industrial players, SMEs, knowledge institutes and end-user organizations from around the world. If you are an expert in the following areas, you can participate in Eureka Clusters events, thereby gaining access to finance and collaborating on close-to-market projects.

  • Next generation communications,
  • Low carbon energy,
  • Software innovations,
  • Advanced manufacturing and production,
  • Electronic components and systems.

Network Projects

The network projects programme eases collaboration between organizations in Eureka countries, giving you the freedom to design your project proposal and build your ideal consortium. It accelerates your access to public finance with limited eligibility criteria and minimal paperwork.


Globalstars is a funding program that includes calls for projects with countries outside the Eureka network. You can benefit from collaborations with organizations working in a variety of leading and emerging markets.

Investment Readiness Programme

The Investment Readiness Programme is a program that aims to organize corporate activities by Eureka and to involve SMEs in these activities so that SMEs can connect with multinational corporate investors for business partnerships. This program organizes international events that provide opportunities for SMEs to connect with non-EU investors and key strategic partners. If your startup or SME is located in a Eureka country, you can apply for the program.

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