Data Science Consultancy

Data science helps you optimize, model and forecast your company’s business and decision-making processes and forward-looking strategies in line with fundamental scientific principles. We produce customized solutions for your company by using continuously developing data science tools such as machine learning, deep learning, statistical analysis, data engineering techniques for such as processing, analysing, modeling of raw data, customer segmentation and profit forecast. In this way, we help you for making your company’s digital transformation effective, efficient and healthy. We contribute to your company’s profit-oriented growth and digital transformation by focusing on your data with data analytics methods such as CRM Analytics and Recommendation Systems (given below), which are widely used in the field of data science. With our data science consultancy, we enable you to derive more value from your data.

CRM Analytics

By analyzing your data, we determine the customers who present common behaviors, create the most suitable customer segmentation for your marketing strategies, and estimate the profit in a certain period of time based on the customer segmentation.

Recommendation Sytems

  1. By analyzing your data,
  • We create product and service recommendation systems, taking into account the service and product categories that your customers have previously purchased.
  • We create product and service recommendation systems for your customers by applying data analysis methods to customer comments and scores.

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