Project Comprehensive Review & Proposal Writing Consultancy

Our Project Comprehensive Review & Proposal Writing Consultancy is our most in-depth and interactive process for preparing the proposal, from the idea stage to uploading the proposal to the European Commission portal. During this comprehensive consultancy, we accompany you at every step of the grant writing process in addition to our services in the “Project Standard Review Consultancy”.

Our Project Comprehensive Review & Proposal Writing Consultancy is based on the realization of the following pillars of success:

We work with you: We deal with the unique requirements and expectations of the grant you wish to receive in order to prepare the most competitive grant application. We prepare a highly successful project through a proposal development process customized to your project-specific needs.

The review process continues until the official call for the grant program is closed. There is no upper limit to the number of reviews you can request. We participate in the study of your proposal text throughout the process and provide important feedback as needed.

Communication with our team is constant. We invite you to our meetings about any part of your proposal and ensure that we are ready to answer any questions that may arise along the way.

We deal with the technical and administrative aspects of the proposal. We support you in these matters as needed, provided they are coordinated with your institution’s Grants Office.

In the process of writing a project proposal, it is imperative to consider the perspective of independent reviewers in order to submit a successful application. Therefore, we do the “detailed review” of the proposal in the best way, taking this situation into account.

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